Musical Director: Naomi D'Cunha

Naomi's enthusiasm for working with choral voices is what drives the choir forward. 

A graduate from Canterbury Christ Church College, Naomi has taught music in schools around Cambridgeshire for many years. She also gets involved with local dramatic groups and bands, with a hands-on attitude, always encouraging people to get the most out of their music. 

Naomi believes strongly that everybody should be given a chance to enjoy singing, and welcomes everyone to step up and have a go!

Choir Manager: Keith Gallois

Keith is your first point of contact when you want to talk to Witchford Voices. 

"Impresario" is perhaps too grand a term for Keith, as he's more cup of tea and a flapjack than caviar and champagne.  But it is through his hard work that Witchford Voices has been able to perform in theatres, churches and cathedrals to packed audiences. 

If you'd like to discuss a concert, or if you're interested in signing up to become a member of the choir, please contact Keith.